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Onam is a major festival of Kerala. All Malayali's irrespective of religion celebrates it. It falls in the Malayalam month of Chingam (Aug-Sept). It is the harvest festival of Kerala. Legend states that Onam is celebrated as the home coming of Mahabali, the king who ruled over Kerala in the age of plenty. Onam is celebrated as a national festival of Kerala. It synchronizes with the tourist week celebration.


The first month of Malayalam Calendar is April-May and the first day of Medam, the malayam month is celebrated as Vishu, the New Year day. It is an auspicious day; it is believed that the fortune of the coming year depends on the first day. An interesting feature of this day is Kaayi neetal where the elder members in the family gift money to the younger ones.

Hindus celebrate Mahasivarathri, all over the world in Feb-March. It commemorates the day on which Lord Shiva consumed the deadly poison (Kalakuda visham) to save the world from destruction. The offering of special pooja and abhishekhams, and the presentation of cultural programmes in all the Shiva temples celebrate the day. The annual Sivarathri festival held on the banks of River Periyar at Alwaye, is one of the most spectacular local festivals

Literally Navarathri means Nine nights. This festival is celebrated for Navagraha Naayagi (Nine nymphs). It is called by different names in different parts of India. In Karnataka, it is called Dasara, in Bengal and in this state it is known as Saraswathy Pooja. Saraswathy is known as goddess of Knowledge. On this day all tools and books are kept for Pooja


All Christians celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus Christ on 25th Dec. Holy Mass is held 
in all the churches in the state. Carol singing, setting up of Christmas tree in all churches and 
homes. There is a feast in every Christian home.

This is another important festival of Christians, which commemorates the resurrection of 
Jesus Christ. Easter usually falls in March-April, after 40 days lent of fast and penance.


The Bakrid commemorates Ibrahim's offering of his only son as a sacrifice in obedience to God's command. The Muslims enjoy hearty feasts on Bakrid day. The famous Haj is performed after the celebration of Idul Azha.

Idul Fitr
The Idul Fitr is celebrated after the conclusion of the Ramzan fast when Muslims give up all kind of food and drink during the day and spend the major part of the night prayer

The Muharram is another festival celebrated by Muslims on the 10th day of Muharram the forbidden month.



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