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The Timeless Traveller works with selected companies and individuals, who would provide you with the best and most authentic travel experience. As we focus exclusively on travel within South India, we have strong relationship with all our local associates, homestay owners, artisans, and hoteliers with whom we work to design our one of kind tour programs. Our guests are always welcomed along with their fellow travelers, as a friendly group, traveling together, as opposed to a group of tourists. Guests always feel at home throughout our programs. We will take you on a guided organic farm tour where you meet the folks who will serve organic food on your table and at the same breath talk with expertise about organic farming, agro-ecology, & multiple farming.
We will take you on a cruise along the backwaters in a houseboat through Vembanad Lake, which is a Ramsar site, gives you an experience of the life on the fringes of backwater. You would share the local lifestyle with the host in all its traditional hospitality and learn about the Kuttanad region and its backwater. The host or your guide interprets the ancient temples, monuments, and indigenous sacred places as you explore the countryside in a houseboat poled by boatmen from the local community. Folklores and stories of the past with authentic local cuisine and an overnight accommodation in houseboat and a day with the local family will make your visit a personally rewarding and enjoyable experience.

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