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What makes our holiday different

Our holiday offrs a unique combination! Whilst wildlife enthusiasts enjoy the visit to sanctuaries and the quiet forest reserve and treks to remote locations, we also provide a range of other holiday options like homestay and an opportunity to observe and learn the culture, their lives, local food and their unique environment. Our farm tours offer the discerning traveller a unique experience of life at a farmhouse, and feature locally grown fresh organic produce while tasting some excellent local cuisine during their farm stay. A morning tea with the farmer and a walk into the history of the farm and chronicle of farming practices and an intriguing look into what happens in the farmer's life, would definitely get you inspired We do not aim to race from place to place in buses, with the sole purpose of, covering as many destinations as possible and ultimately to be forgotten. Our pace of activity and holiday are slow and cover lesser ground so as to give you an opportunity to know more on these facinating places. We intend to give you a good feel for the place, with a variety of experiences and locations that reflect its character and distinctiveness. Our holidays are offered to individuals and small groups having similar interests, which help us to move easily to different places without impacting the environment and the local inhabitants; And most of all, we will introduce you to wonderful local people in warm, personal and enlightening ways.



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