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Kerala Unplugged. See it. Do it.

The Timeless Traveller takes you through a 55 see it do it on your visit to Kerala 

1.  Start your day with Kerala tea. Walk into a roadside kiosk, (Thatakada) for a cup of strong tea. Watch the tea maker as he stretches it while pouring it from glass to glass, blending it well.
2. Walk across a coconut rope bridge. Remote Kerala have some extremely narrow bridges made of coconut trunk. Watch the local folk cross them effortlessly. 
3. Dive into the backwaters for a refreshing bath. Take some help from the native folks before you leap into the backwaters.
4. Walk into typical Kerala restaurant for a breakfast. Try the Puutu (Steamed Rice cake) Kadala or Vellayappam or iddiappam and of course the iddily and dosa.
5. Walk through the paddy fields. Walk into slushy water in the fields that runs close to your path. Feel the green around you and the tang of fresh air. Watch the Farmers still use the traditional methods of cultivation
6. Pep up with a sip of cool tender coconut and if you want to try toddy (kallu) get some fresh from the toddy tapper himself.
7. You would reach home where the host welcomes you for a short snack of Kappaa and fish a local gastronomic delight. You can lie back in the chair in the verandah and take a short nap.
8. You are woken not so gently by the sound of a trumpeting elephant that would ride you through the village of course the mahout is there with you.
9. The elephant drops you near the local market where you can see the shopkeepers earsplitting to sell the products and all crammed up. So why not try those long Bananas and sure there are different varieties. and different shapes and colors. But don't forget to reward your elephant friend with a bunch of these bananas.
10. As you come to the center of the crowded town you could give a try and visit an astrologer who will predict your future.
11. If you are some where near Aranmula a place famous for Aranmula mirror made of a finely polished alloy of four metals - copper, silver, bronze and lead. don't forget to buy one.
12. Near the market buy a Palmyra fan. In Kerala, you'll find small, handy fans made of medicinal herbal roots, palm fronds, bamboo splits and grass. They are really handy during the hot summer.
13. Ride about in a bullock cart. On a pleasant evening, go across the scenic mud roads of Kerala at the slow pace of a bullock cart.
14. Find some time to drift along serene waterways in a country craft, Enjoy and see the village folk on the banks or try some fishing with the help of fisherman. 
15. As you reach back to your host's home, you are invited to a Sadhya. You need to sit on the floor and get started on this feast served on a plantain leaf, The dishes are rice, and a dozen vegetarian dishes, spicy pickles, crunchy banana chips, crispy pappadams, plantains and of course a dessert which is called the payasam. 
16. A backwater tour on a houseboat called the Kettuvallom. An enchanting journey across backwaters - Discover the rural life around you as the cool breeze surge into the boat as you try some of those backwater delicacies 
17. So if you are not spending the night in the houseboat you can go to a Kathakali concert at night with your friendly host and probably he might just give you some revelation about the kathakali.
18. If you happen to be in the midst of a temple festival don't miss the percussion music and the instruments and if you are somewhere closer to thrissur during the pooram festival you would be really lucky to see Thrissur Pooram a grand spectacle of 60 caprisoned elephants in a procession while and trumpets and drum beat work up a frenzy.
19. The monsoons are the best time for Ayurvedic treatments and rejuvenations and if you there in Kerala during this time try a 1-day Ayurvedic massage to invigorate you- body and soul.
20. You are all set to go uphill to the wildlife and plantations. Spice up your life as you walk through the tea plantations and hills. You can try some of the most excellent tea in India. 
21.  Go bamboo rafting to meet the elephants on the banks of Periyar river early morning or you could go Tiger trail with some of the best men of the forest who are poacher turned forest guards in this sanctuary.
22. Check into some of the finest resorts and HomeStays in Munnar and Thekkaddy. Enjoy the evening with the host trekking the cardamom plantations.
23. Visit the Eravikulam National park home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. Pack up some lunch and picnic near crystal clear lakes or you could do some boating or you could just lie down on the grass gazing the evening sky.
24. You drive down a good stretch of winding roads from Munnar to reach Kodanad a once upon a time elephant training center. If you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of elephants of different ages and size.
25. A boating on the Periyar the largest river in Kerala, you are close to Thatekkad bird sanctuary where you see hundreds of migratory birds perched on trees. You can hear many stories from the local boatmen about the river and the old and abandoned fort in one of the islands.
26. Catch the rain as you boat in the Periyar. There is nothing more exciting and magnificent experience as you get drenched and refreshed in the rain and the river stirs up to the sound of the clouds.
27. You are back to Fort Kochi. don't forget to visit the Jewish Synagogue, and old mansions and churches, or get into the alleyway of narrowest street in Ernakulam called the Broadway. 
28. Buy the traditional Kerala dress. Kerala's dress which is Mundu and the kasavu saree with gold zari border would truly give the typical keralan style. Each piece is specially woven on a traditional handloom. Visit temples and churches wearing this amazing dress. 
29. If you are in Kerala sometime during Onam you would never miss the snake boat race as crew of 100 oarsmen row their snake boats, their bodies swaying rhythmically, in one of the most thrilling water sports of India.
30. You can come near a spectacular spot in Kuttanad where farming is done 2 metres below sea level 
31. You could spend some days basking in the sun on a secluded beach spot in Mararikulam, take a village ride on a bicycle or watch how they make Ayurvedic medicine.
32. The waterfall in Athirapally is a spectacular scene to gaze at, and you can take all your time to refresh yourself here. Take a hike up the rugged path near the Waterfall or if you are adventurous try trekking to reach the top of the Falls.
33. Take a break from the wildlife, nature and get into the playful mood as you get into a theme park. Ride all the games.
34. Explore the Silent Valley the only national park that is quiet. Trek through the forest but make sure you have a guide for this adventure.
35. Redemption from sin- Take a dip in the holy Papanasm and free yourself from all the sins.
36. Stay in a treehouse. You can spend your day in the tree house watching the small bird and animals or just read a book in Parambikulam or Wyanad. 
37. Watch Kalaripayattu a martial art form of Kerala as masters instruct the disciple and practice this art form.
38. Get into some heritage trails Jain Temple Edakkal Caves Wayanad Heritage Museum Muniyara Uravu Pazhassi Raja's Tomb in Northern Kerala.
39. Learn Yoga and meditation from Ashrams through some learned guru. Some cultural centers have sessions for Yoga through experts.
40. Explore the Bekal Fort the largest and the best-preserved fort of Kerala at Bekal, Kasaragod. The imposing laterite structure rising 130 ft. above sea level, stands on a 35 acre headland that runs right into the Arabian Sea.
41. Spend your night in a home stay and listen to tale and stories about mysterious mountains and caves, exotic legend from your host. Learn some concept of tantra, astrology and kerala traditions and culture.
42. Watch Yakshagana a classical art form. There are two variations of this performing art Bombeyattu (puppetry) and bayalattu. Colourful puppets in huge headgears, elaborate facial make-up and loud attires dancing to music will keep you entertained
43. Watch Theyyam, Poorakkali and Kolkali. Theyyam is the oldest ritual art form of Kerala, Look on in awe as Theyyam performers invoke the temple diety Bhagavathy with their frenzied dancing. Watch Kumbala, the Buffalo race, very prominent in Kasargod.
44. Indulge in sweetmeats. The S M Street which is the sweet meat street well known in Kerala for sweet shops- Halwas, milk sweets fruit sweets all lined up on both sides of the street. Should definitely try some of them.
45. Watch the making of Boats. Beypore is famous for the boat building yard port and fishing harbour. It was once a maritime trade center. The construction of Uru (vessels) has a tradition, which is 1500 years old.
46. Visit the cultural capital - Thrissur. This place has all tha one needs to know about Kerala. The Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy, Kerala Lalith Kala Academy Kerala Sahitya Academy and Kerala Kalamandalam renowned for Kathakali training center is situated in Cheruthurthy, Thrissur.
47. Visit a Palace. The Palaces and Museums of Kerala display some of the finest architecture and collections. You can see collection of antiques murals and paintings.
48. If you are in Alleppey visit some of the traditional coir spinning units run as a cooperative or just go to a home where spinning coir is a family trade. You can also buy small colored coir mats and hangings from shops.
49. Find out some of the traditional Kerala cuisine in the host's home. You could try making both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. Get to know the different cuisine prevalent in different parts of Kerala.
50. Explore a Tharavad, like the Nalukettu, which is a house with a central courtyard. You can also visit a century old Christain homes and learn more about the architecture style and purposes of each space and rooms in the house.
51. Have a mud bath. Go in for mud therapy and discover its healing properties at the Kavil Bhavan Yoga and Cultural Centre at Nileswaram, Kasaragod
52. Visit Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple. This is an ancient shrine and a pilgrim center. It is believed that barren women are blessed with children and a special turmeric paste in the shrine can cure leprosy.
53. Visit India’s first mosque and world’s second where Juma prayers were started. The Cheraman Juma Masjid, Kodungalloor: which is located 2 km from Kodungalloor town, is a mosque resembling a Hindu temple in appearance. It was built in 629 AD.
54.  Visit Padmanabhaswamy temple in Trivandrum, where, the presiding diety is Anantha Padmanabhaswamy -- is a massive idol resting on Adisesha, the serpent. The deity can be viewed only from three entrances, the face from one, the body from another and the legs from the last entrance. The Lord also holds a Siva lingam in His hand. From the navel of the Lord emerges Brahma seated on a lotus. On the legs of the Lord, is His beloved consort, Lakshmi Devi. The entire darshan of the Lord is thus a process, which can be cherished for a lifetime. 
55.  Rediscover God's own country as you ride in a train in Kerala. The fresh air, the green around you the canals, rivers, and patches of pond would linger in your memories and bring you back again to Kerala on your next holiday.

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