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What is farm holiday?

Farm Holiday is an agri-tourism activity where a family provides accommodation to guests who have keen interest in farming and would like to spend their holiday in a farm. In keeping with the primary goal of preserving the farming tradition and conserving rural historic farmhouses, there are some main features that all farm holidays must have. The proprietor of a farm must be a farmer, and the main income of the farm must come from agriculture.

What kind of accommodation can I expect at a farm holiday?

Farm holiday accommodations range from simple HomeStays in the farm to large rural heritage home, which are more than 40- 50 year old in structure. The vast majority are restored historic farmhouses or charming holiday villas which provide on rent either bed and breakfast rooms within the family home or outhouses/cottages within the farm or sometimes outside but easily accessible to the farm.

What kinds of tours / programmes does the farm run?

1. Three day tour (also 1&2 day tours but the 3 day tour is recommend)

2. Farm study programs for foreign students

3. Information on Organic Farming

4. There is a lot of experience in organic farming in the mountains and in temperate climates in general, The Timeless Traveller Farm Tour has an important role in demonstrating alternatives like biogas, solar power, composting systems, worm culture, water recycling, reforestation, organic farming techniques and environmental tourism. Some of our farm receives many community and student groups who come to learn about these alternatives.

Tourists also learn about the processes on the farm and enjoy walking trails and local activities associated with the farm and its locality.

5. Some of the activities in the farm are seasonal like Vanilla processing & harvesting, Other activities include rubber tapping, coconut climbing, animal husbandry management.

6. We also combine other destinations with the farm package .For example you can package a farm tour with a backwater or houseboat tour

Is it suitable to bring children to the farm?

YES, Children love the experience on the farm. There are so many things that they can do and be involved in.

How far is the farm from a town, telephone, & Internet?

Most of the farms are situated near to towns, which have telephones. International calls can be made from telephone booths in the town area. Some farms also have Internet center in the towns. But all farms have phone to make calls within India.

Is there a quiet place for meditation?

Yes! There are a few quiet spots in some of our farm where you can spend your time all alone and this place has a large variety of plants. It also has a platform that overlooks a valley

What kind of food is served?

The food is mostly from the farm, some things that don't grow on the farm are brought from the market.

The food is vegetarian in most the farms though Non-Vegetarian meal is available on request. But there is no rule. It is a very creative and colorful combination of local food and vegetable dishes.

Where are these farms located and how do I get to these farms?

The farms in central Kerala are well connected by road and easily accessible by road. The closest airports are Trivandrum and Cochin (Nedumbassery). The farms in North Kerala can be accessed by road from Calicut or Palghat or Coimbatore. If you are already in Ernakulam/Cochin or Calicut or Palghat we can arrange a pickup to the farmhouse but farm tour can also comes as a package with other destinations like backwaters etc. included in the package You also have train and bus services to the places mentioned above.

What kind of weather can we expect during our farm holiday stay in Kerala?

Kerala has 2 distinct climates, though the climate is one of extremes. The rainy season starts in May and ends in October and continues till February as the Northeast monsoon season. Here in few holiday farms, the temperature drops in the evenings so it is comfortable for sleeping. The summers are warm and dry and last from February -March to May -June. Our favorite months starts May to August during the monsoon and then again September to December and The January & February. In some farms the temperature drops down a little during monsoon and by evening it is quite misty. But the weather is neither at the coolest or the warmest in a farm stay.

What should I bring?

A flashlight is useful if you have one
A water bottle
Rain protection if you have it.
Long pants and shorts
Sun hat, sunscreen and any special medical supplies you might need.
Remember to take a windsheater and sweater if you are here during the monsoon.

What kind of work is done with the community?

Local school students are encouraged to interact with the farmers and know more about biodiversity management, farming methods as part of the school activity.

The farmers encourage the village /town youths to visit the farm, to learn about alternatives in farming. The farmers also enlighten the local population and other farmers about organic farming, water harvesting, preserving the natural habitat, and maintaining a high rate of diversity of that area, which is the main highlight of tropical plantation system.

The farmers have grouped together to form a forum to create an eco- friendly farm site for tourism and bring greater value addition to the products of the farm.

They also support Self Help Groups through consultations and information provided by the farmer’s forum.

The farmer’s forum is a platform to discuss various issues relating to farmers and farm management and create an awareness in the community on issues relating to waste management, simple ways of water management, greater participation of community in local developments.

The farmer encourages local community to participate in farm tourism both directly and indirectly, like visit and interaction with small art or craft shop, visit to market place, use of local guides and interpreters, transportations.

The community benefits through local employment, which is encouraged in farming activities and the local chef, help the guest with some of the best tips in home delicacies.


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Farm House, Houseboat, local club, Jungle Lodge

Farm Trail, Farming, Houseboat trip, Boat Ride, Jungle Trail

our exact route and program varies according to weather conditions. The monsoon season starts in June and ends in the month of September. Please mail us with your travel dates to arrange your tour program.


11 Days



Farm House, Local Club, Backwater Homestay

Hands- on Cooking session and demonstration, Farm Trail, Farming, Boat Ride

our exact route and program varies according to weather conditions. The monsoon season starts in June and ends in the month of September. Please mail us with your travel dates to arrange your tour program.


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